PSI Broadcasting Deploys MPEG-4 Video TV Service with Evertz endto- end compression solution

PSI Broadcasting Deploys MPEG-4 Video TV Service with Evertz endto- end compression solution

               December 13, 2016 – Bangkok, Thailand ― Evertz, a global leader in video delivery systems, is proud to
announce that its Compression solution has been deployed to power the High Quality Video Encoding
System at PSI (Poly Satellite Industry) Broadcasting Head End facility based in Bangkok. PSI is the largest
satellite factory in Thailand and a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of equipment
used in communication systems.

               PSI’s state-of-the-art Head End facility features Evertz industry leading 3480TXE platform for high quality
MPEG-2 and H.264 video compression. The complete video head end also includes Evertz unified multicodec
statistical multiplexing, IP switches and advanced VistaLINK PRO Compression System Manager
NMS for seamless redundancy and customized operator experience. The superior integrated encoding
platform and highly reliable solution from Evertz empowers PSI with an enhanced Satellite TV offering
including additional services at lower operating costs.

               “We have always been the leaders in Video Quality and we’re glad to partner with Evertz because the
superior 3480 encoders have proven to have the best video quality at the highest density. We looked at
various vendors and options and chose Evertz as they were able to perfectly match our requirements
with the best complete and cost-effective solution,” said Vorasit Lee, CEO at PSI Broadcasting Co. Ltd,
Bangkok. “Evertz’ powerful end-to-end solutions with advanced H.264 encoding and statistical
multiplexing enabled flexible addition of services at superior quality and considerably lower costs. With
improved video quality and next generation technology, we plan to improve existing customer
satisfaction and also attract new subscribers.”

               “The Evertz Compression portfolio offers products addressing all aspects of Head End operations
thereby becoming a unique and elegant turn-key solution for TV operators. Our solutions are scalable,
robust, highly customizable and engineered keeping the end user experience in mind,” says Avinash
Ramachandran, Manager for Compression Systems at Evertz. “This combined with the highest video
quality at the lowest operating costs provides the much needed edge to our customers in today’s
competitive market.”